The association was created after the 1989 Revolution when a hearty Romanian woman in Paris understood the need to reunite the associations and interest groups in the country in order to develop civil society in the sense of freedom of expression. After several training sessions conducted by people in different information fields (health, education, computer, NGOs) Foi et Migration Association guided a group to establish a Romanian association. Thus in 1999 was obtained the Court decision setting up ARVAR.
Since 1994 Foi et Migration Association invited a handful of staff from the Greek-Catholic High School in Bucharest and specialists in various fields to attend training sessions and information in Paris with material support from the foundation Caritas France. A group of 11 teachers from Sc. For the Visually Impaired in Bucharest attended a two week internship in education and training institutions in the city of Paris, at the invitation and financial support of the Association Foi et Migration, in June 1999. Other exchanges followed, participation in meetings ARVAR – French partners for support and guidance.