About us

This association was founded in 1999, with 22 members, who proposed improvement of associative life in Romania, being guided and trained in France, modeled after the similar organization Foi et Migration.

ARVAR’s first president was Maia Alexe, Greek Catholic High School teacher in Bucharest. The initiative group for founding this association is in the list.founding

Meanwhile some meembers retired, others were not active and in 2005 the members of the association decided to elect a new leadership group for the association, as president Maia Alexe resigned. Thus Rodica Cogiu was elected President, Secretary: Ioana Alexandru and Vice President: Lucia Moisa.

Over the years members of Foi et Migration have come in Romania and attended the meetings of ARVAR, in order to develop a closer relationship and constructive friendships in the associative life.
Photo of meetings of members A.R.V.A.R.